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Conveyor Belt Suppliers Operating in South Africa

Conveyor belts are used as a carrying medium that consists of 2 or more pulleys and an endless loop of belt that rotates on them. The belt and the material being carried on the belt are effectively moved by one or both of the pulleys being powered. The drive pulley is the one that is powered and the idler pulley is the one that isn’t powered. Conveyor belt systems are used for general material handling (boxes, stock etc.) and also for bulk material handling (grain, salt, sand etc.). Conveyor belt suppliers are tasked with providing these industries with reliable, durable belt supplies to ensure long term use of the conveyor system.

At Tribix, we supply the market with conveyor systems that are fully ISO 9001 certified. We supply top quality bucket elevator belts, sidewall belts, rough top belts, impression belts, raised cleat belts, V-guide belts and chevron belts. We also supply other important conveyor system components such as the idlers and rollers, pulleys and lagging, gear boxes, sprockets and chains. All of these components are essential to the efficient and smooth running of any conveyor system. If one of them malfunctions, they can be replaced by a mechanic or technician in the field. We also supply the market with the actual conveyor belting and to ensure that all budgets are catered to, we offer both new and used options for you to choose from.

Those who work in industries where conveyor belt systems are required on a daily basis will know just how expensive it can be to replace a system or to suddenly have it malfunction or breakdown. While the repairs of the system are costly, the downtime experienced by a plant or factory can be quite crippling on profits. The best way to ensure that your conveyor system is in good health and doesn’t warrant extra and unexpected expenses is to ensure that it is regularly serviced and maintained.

At Tribix, we take great pride in the quality of our products and want nothing more than to ensure that our clients are presented with a product that offers exceptional value for money too. If you are shopping around for a top quality belt and other components for your conveyor system, you have come to just the right place. We are leading conveyor belt suppliers in South Africa with your best interests at heart. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements today.