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Understanding Conveyor Systems – The Run Down from Tribix

Manufacturing and industrial companies have been making use of conveyor systems for many years. With the use of a conveyor system or conveyor belt as they are often referred to, shipments can be quickly handled and packaged. In most set ups, these belts are used for transporting agricultural material that is heavy or large. They are quite popular for use in industries where items need to be quickly moved, unloaded and reloaded.

How does a conveyor system work? A conveyor belt makes use of two pulleys that effectively loop over the material that rotates them. Hooks, gears, rubber belt, buckets and similar items are used to make this movement possible. Rollers support the actual belt’s movement, to ensure that the system is sturdy and reliable. To prevent potential sagging while carrying a load, rollers are also placed in the centre of the system. To ensure that shipments can be transported in a variety of directions, drive chains and load transporting platforms are incorporated into the system. Conveyor systems can be created in any number of configurations and there is no real limit on size.

You might also see these types of systems being used in airports as moving platforms or escalators. Luggage handling areas might also make use of a conveyor belt. The cost of such a system will depend on the task that it is expected to manage and, of course, how big the system is overall.

When making use of a conveyor belt system, maintenance and servicing is absolutely essential.

This will ensure that no accidental injuries occur and that no profits are lost due to damage to stock or downtime experienced, should the system need to be shut down for any length of time.

At Tribix, we understand just how important it is to have a conveyor belt that is well-equipped and ready to operate. We stock and supply various components of these systems, such as sidewall belts, rough top belts, impression belts, raised cleat belts, V-guide belts, chevron belts, idlers, rollers, pulleys, gearboxes, sprockets and chains. We also supply both new and second-hand conveyor belts at affordable prices. All of our belting and components are ISO 9001 certified, which provides much needed peace of mind.

If you are looking for various components of or even complete conveyor systems, get in touch with us at Tribix. We are available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements, and to ensure that you are provided with a top-quality product and service. Waste no more time – give us a call or send us an email today.