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Find New and Second-hand Conveyor Systems in South Africa at Tribix

If you take the time to think about it, conveyor systems are used in many industries and places in South Africa. The uses of these systems are varied. You could see a conveyor belt used at the airport luggage control area or in international airports as escalators. You might even see grocery stores making use of them to move items from one end of the till point to another. In large manufacturing, industrial, mining and agricultural concerns, conveyors are also used quite effectively. Let’s face it – conveyor systems keep South Africa moving.

Companies and industries that make use of conveyor belts and systems must make maintenance and servicing a priority. When these systems experience unexpected downtime, the financial implications, especially for the large concerns, can be quite crippling. Conveyors get old and can be replaced effectively if the damage, wear and tear are found early on. General repairs and maintenance will keep such a system in service for many years, if the parts, belt and spares used are of a good quality and are not left to deteriorate unnoticed. A sudden failure in the system could also lead to operator injury, product damage and essentially even more of a loss for the business.

At Tribix, we ensure that we are always well-stocked with the various components, spares and parts for a fully operational conveyor system.

We can provide you with a complete new system or we can provide you with the various components that you need to get your system up and running or to repair and maintain it. All of our products are checked for durability, strength and quality – even the second-hand items. This is just one way in which we ensure that we are providing our clients with top-quality products – every time.

What conveyor belt components can we offer you? We present various types of rubber belting for conveyor systems, including sidewall belts, bucket elevator belts, rough top belts, impression belts, raised cleat belts, V-guide belts and chevron belts. In addition to the belting, we also provide top-quality sprockets and chains, gear boxes, lagging, pulleys, idlers and rollers. Whether you need a new or second-hand conveyor belt, we can assist with excellent products and affordable rates to match.

In South Africa, conveyor belts play a prominent role in the mining industry. As such, we service various mines across the country. Our conveyors are used in gold mines, diamond mines, cobalt and gemstone mines, as well as various refineries. Both open pit and deep shaft mines make use of our conveyor belts and components too. While we are a trusted and reputable name in the mining industry, we do supply our products to various other industries too.

If you are shopping around for the best new and second-hand conveyor systems in South Africa, waste no more time. Get in touch with us at Tribix and we will ensure that you are provided with access to quality new and second-hand conveyor items. Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements and queries today.