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Are You in Need of HDPE Pipe Suppliers?

In the processing and plant markets, the use of high density polyethylene pipes is common. HDPE pipe suppliers, such as Tribix, present these particular pipes to the market because of the various advantages they present. The material used is a durable plastic that offers the following advantages:

  • Heat fusion is used to form joints, which results in leak free piping.
  • HDPE is rust and chemical resistant, which ensures many years of corrosion free service.
  • These pipes are considered environmentally friendly as less energy is required to create them and when used in situations, such as sewage and waste management, the heat fused joints ensure that no toxic substances leak into ground or even portable water supplies.
  • HDPE piping is light weight and flexible, which means that it is easier to install, as well as affordable.
  • While flexible, this piping offers exceptional stress resistance.

At Tribix, we present high density polyethylene pipes and other related products to the market with confidence. Our range is manufactured from the highest possible quality of materials and our team members are always willing and ready to advise on the best products and services to achieve your goals, along the way.

Our team has over 70 years of collective experience on the market and actively services the mining, engineering and support industries in South Africa. We have strong procurement skills and capabilities, and we use these to ensure that our clients each receive precisely what they are looking for. When it comes to HDPE piping, we take the time to source the most economical and to quality options available on the market and once supplying you with our products, we aim to increase productivity and optimise efficiency in your workplace while reducing running costs at the same time.

Tribix has a global reach and as such, we need to ensure that our customers have complete peace of mind that their orders will arrive on time and within their budget constraints. When it comes to timely deliveries, we do not disappoint by making use of worldwide freight forwarders who are reliable, efficient and simply won’t let us down. As a result, the supply chain is kept effective and simple.

If you are looking for affordable yet top quality HDPE pipe suppliers in South Africa, contact us at Tribix. We will present you with a range of product options that exude quality and value for money. Take the time to chat to us about your needs and requirements and let us present you with quotation on HDPE pipes that are well suited to your needs, budget and application.