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Hoists Used in the Mining Industry

Mine hoists are integral items of equipment for the mining process. In fact, they are the most used product within the mining industry. In order to move mined materials through the mine and between items of machinery and equipment, hoists are used. Their main functions are to convey, manoeuvre and transport goods and materials. There are various types and sizes of hoists on the market for use in the mining industry. In fact, most mining equipment is designed to employ several mine hoists for peak performance.

When shopping around for mine hoists, you will find that they are typically available in the following varieties:

  • Manual hoists – these rely on man power to propel the lifting and lowering of mined materials.
  • Motorised hoists – these are automated and therefore ensure a standard and predictable pace for lifting and hoisting tasks to be carried out.

Over the years, hoists have seen many improvements and changes to their design, and how they are manufactured. Hoists are also usually available in single drum, double drum and friction varieties. Shaft digging and material excavation can erode the earth excessively during deep mining and narrow shaft mining. With the use of hoists, these mining processes can take place with minimal earth erosion. The objective behind the latest mine hoist designs is to ensure a safer, easier and more efficient mining experience.

While there are various types of standard mining hoists available on the market, it is important to know that each hoist can be customised to suit your specific needs and requirements. For this reason, it is best to seek out a professional and reputable supplier and manufacturer of hoists, to ensure that your custom job is handled with precision.

At Tribix, we are dedicated to providing the mining industry with a variety of hoist options. Our products are all of the finest possible quality and when it comes to strength and durability, our range comes out on top, each and every time. Our company has a global network which we use to acquire some of the top mining equipment and accessories at affordable rates.

Where can you find Tribix mining hoists being used? We currently supply our products to mines operating in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mali, Guinea, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our hoists are ideal for applications used in both open cast and deep shaft mines, and we provide these hoists to gold mines, copper mines, diamond mines, cobalt mines, gemstone mines and various refineries. Simply let us know what your capacity and lifting requirements are, and we will present you with some viable and well-priced options to consider. Because we understand just how important it is to have safe and durable lifting accessories and equipment in the mining industry, we ensure that all of our products are able to meet with mining industry regulations and standards.

Those looking for more information and advice on our range of mining hoists are encouraged to take the time to contact us via email or telephone at Tribix.