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Discover the Knife Gate Valve at Tribix

Gate valves are typically used to seal off liquids. They are designed to cut through liquids with relative ease. The knife gate valve is a specialised gate valve that is designed to cut through extremely thick liquids. As a result of its functionality, it is most commonly used in the petroleum industry. Other industries where you can find knife gates being used include food and beverage, waste water treatment, breweries, power plants, pulp and paper, mining and so on. There are various pressure ratings available in this range and also various sizes of these valves available. Making use of such valves can improve on production and performance of the plant which reducing labour and equipment costs.

When looking for such a valve it is best to consult with a reputable supplier or manufacturer. It is essential that such valves are of an excellent quality if you want them to be effective in the application in which they are destined for. At Tribix, we stock knife gate valves in our plant and processing catalogue and ensure that they are of the utmost best quality. Our main focus is on supplying the mining industry with top-quality products of distinction. You can find our products readily used in South Africa, Ghana, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South America.

Our buying power and contacts worldwide allow us to source some of the best products and obtain the best rates possible for valves and other items that are manufactured in UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, Russia, China, Taiwan as well as various European Union countries.

Our sales team which has over 70 years of combined experience is always available to discuss your various needs with you and present you with a range of gate valves to compare and consider. We are talented in acquiring economical and highly effective products for our clients, so if there is something specific that you are looking for, we would be more than willing to assist you with locating it. While we like to keep healthy stock levels, if there is a product that you require, you can expect for us to be able to refresh stocks in good time. We make use of reliable and prompt forwarders.

If you are looking for more information and prices on our Knife Gate Valve, feel free to get in touch with us via email or telephone at Tribix today.