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Invest in Top-quality Mining Machinery from Tribix

In the mining world, the equipment used is of utmost importance. Mining machinery has a great responsibility to uphold and the units that managers and authorised personnel select for mining tasks and functions must be reliable and in excellent working condition. It goes without saying that equipment that is not in a good condition or cannot be trusted to carry out its functions flawlessly put operators and other mining staff members’ lives at risk. When shopping around for quality equipment and machinery, take the time to discover our services at Tribix.

What can Tribix do for you? At Tribix, we focus a great deal of our attention on sourcing and procuring some of the best quality equipment in the industry. We have been serving the market for many years and so have a positive reputation that we work on tirelessly to uphold. During our years of service, we have had the pleasure of working with top copper mines, gold mines and diamond mines. We have also supplied machinery and equipment to cobalt mines, gemstone mines and refineries. Whether you operate an open pit or deep shaft mine, we have a range of equipment and machinery designed specifically to make your mining operations effective, safe and successful.

Our mining related products and equipment can currently be found used in mines located all across Africa in areas like the DRC, Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and even in areas throughout South America. Our immense buying power and our global network of suppliers and distributors that we have worked hard to create has earned us the opportunity to present our clients with a wide range of the best quality items of equipment made available at competitive rates.

Some of the items of machinery that we stock include the following: Warman replacement pumps, tyres, dewatering equipment, various valves, conveyor systems, electrical consumables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and fittings, earth moving equipment and so on. Each of the items on our catalogue is manufactured by leading brands on the market and can be trusted to be durable.

If you are looking for mining machinery to upgrade your fleet or improve on productivity within your mining business, contact us at Tribix. We will ensure that a consultant is made available to discuss your various needs with you and to present you with an extensive range to consider. Contact us via email or telephone without delay.