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Tribix, Leading Mining Suppliers in Africa

The mining industry and its support industries demand top-quality, reliable and affordable materials, parts, equipment and similar. At Tribix, it is our focus to provide mining concerns with many of their functions, such as procuring materials and ensuring that they are correctly handled and delivered. We also busy ourselves with planning and scheduling, quality management, supply chain management and much more. At Tribix, our services are extensive and while our focus is on the mining industry, our products and services are designed for all types of businesses in need of them. We are leading mining suppliers to gold mines, diamond mines, cobalt mines, gemstone mines and various refineries too.

At Tribix, we focus on assisting all types of mines with procurement and materials handling functions. We currently assist both open cast and deep shaft mines, and it is only due to our extensive network of procurement consultants and suppliers that we are able to offer impressive turnaround times on our projects, as well as competitive rates.

When taking a close look at our range, you will notice that we supply the mining industry with the following products:

  • Warman replacement pumps and parts for the entire Warman range.
  • Tyres including off-road tyres for earthmoving vehicles, heavy vehicle tyres, light vehicle and passenger tyres, ATV and motorcycle tyres, as well as tyre consumables and repair systems.
  • Plant spares and equipment, including earth moving equipment and spares, mobile cranes, fire suppressant systems, original and after-market GET wear parts, axle and track assemblies, engine rebuilds and a wide variety of filters.
  • Dewatering equipment – this includes a variety of pumps.
  • Process and plant supplies – this includes valves, pipes, pipe fittings, rubber hoses, expanded metal and mesh, steel plates and sheets, and various liners.
  • Health and safety gear and equipment, including security equipment and consumables, insect control and pesticides, malaria protection, fall arrest systems and harnesses, medical supplies, fire and rescue systems, decontamination equipment, ambulance supplies, first aid kits and general medical supplies.
  • Electrical consumables, such as cables, hardware, contactors and switches, PLCs and control gear, conduit and fittings, light fittings and electrical motors, and gear boxes.
  • General tools and power tools.
  • Conveyor systems, including belting, idlers, rollers, pulleys, lagging, gearboxes, sprockets and chains, as well as new and used conveyor belts.
  • Welding machines, equipment and consumables.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

We also supply our clients with stationery, IT consumables and various communication systems to help their daily operations to run smoothly. If you are looking for mining suppliers who can tend to your every need, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Tribix. We are available via email or telephone, and look forward to assisting you with your procurement and material handling needs.