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Slurry Mine Pumping Solutions at your Convenience

As the biggest industry in southern Africa, mining has become a key part to the success or failure of economies around the world. With so much at stake and so little time to waste, it has become vital for mining companies to have the right partners, who have a proven history when dealing with the supply of products, ranging from slurry pumps to health and safety equipment.

Nothing speaks louder than a proven history, which is why, at Tribix, we specialise in providing a quality service with quality products to all of our clients. From open pit mining, all the way to deep shaft mining – there is no mining method that we do not cater for. With our global procurement network, we are able to get supplies from various freight forwarders across the world. By keeping this supply chain as economical and effective as possible, we are able to service our HDPE Geotextile clients throughout the African and South American continents, thereby providing our goods and services as quick and economically as possible. 

Part of our key product solutions that we offer clients is dewatering equipment. As with mining across the world, water can become quite an expensive obstacle if it is not dealt with using the right equipment. Our experiences have proven that time and products are the most important tools that you have when dealing with water. This is why we provide a wide range of dewatering equipment that includes slurry pumps, stainless steel submersible pumps, vertical spindle pumps, etc.

We also cater to provide pump spares for the following well-known brands: Warman, Flygt, ABS, Mono, Sanpiper, Grundfos, Sulzer, Harland and Weir Enviro to all our mining partners across the various regions.

Because of the nature of the industry, mines can be located in vast areas across any type of surface, on every continent. Supplying these mines with the necessary tools can be daunting, and this is where a lot of companies tend to over promise and under deliver, leaving the mines crippled or even shut down for days or months at a time. This is why we specialise in remote mine site support, in order to provide our clients with quality products and cost-effective services through our worldwide procurement network.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, feel free to contact us today and let’s see how we can change your mining needs to best suit your budgeting needs.