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What are Slurry Pumps and how are They Used in South Africa?

To understand slurry pumps and their use in South Africa, you must first understand slurry. What is slurry? Simply put, slurry is a combination of mixture of a solid and a liquid. The solids that you will find in slurry can really be anything, ranging from gold to stone, copper to coal, or even sand. The solid can be in a hard form, froth or similar. To transport these solids, a slurry pump and pipeline must be used to transport slurry in the mining industry.

Typically speaking, slurry pumps are very big pumps and their wear parts are replaceable. When compared to a water pump, the average slurry pump is considered to be massive. Because slurry in the mining industry is quite abrasive, the pumps need to be constructed big and strong. The size and concentration of the slurry solids mean that the pump shafts and bearings need to be quite big, which contributes to the overall size of the pump.

When it comes to flow limitations, each slurry pump is different and the results will vary depending on a number of affecting factors, such as pressure, vibration, axial thrust and just how stable the pump is at various flows. Most flow limitations for slurry pumps used in the mining industry in South Africa range from 35 to 132 000gpm which is 8 to 30 000m³ coverage.

Of course, as with any pumps, the size of the solids being transported must be limited in order to avoid potential blockage within the pump or pipeline. Typically speaking, slurry pumps won’t normally pump or transport objects with a diameter of more than 300mm, but in larger dredge pumps you can often find objects of around 450mm being successfully pumped.

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