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What are Submersible Pumps Used for? Find the Best Range at Tribix Today!

Submersible pumps go by more than one name. They are also often called sub pumps or ESPs (electric submersible pumps).  These pumping devices are unlike others, as they have a motor that is hermetically sealed close to the pump body. This means that the pump can be fully submerged in water or fluid without the motor malfunctioning. Regular pumps work by pulling liquid in, whereas a submersible pump does things a little differently. It is submerged in the fluid and then actually pushes the water content to the surface. Such pumps are commonly used in industrial and mining applications, and are available in a variety of sizes or with a variety of capacities attached. Piping connected to the pump will remove water from one area to another with ease.

What applications are submersible pumps typically used in?

  • Sewage pumping.
  • Industrial pumping.
  • Oil industry pumping.
  • Deep well drilling.
  • Slurry pumping.
  • Water extraction for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.
  • Off shore drilling rigs.
  • Mine dewatering.
  • Irrigation systems.


It is important to ensure that you invest in the correct type of submersible pump for the task at hand. Some specialised pumps are designed to handle combustible chemicals or water that contains potentially dangerous chemicals. If you aren’t sure which variation of the submersible pump you require, it is best to chat to the professionals in the field.

At Tribix, we specialise in providing the mining industry with various items of equipment. Dewatering equipment forms an important part of our range and we focus on ensuring that our clients are provided with access to a variety of the best quality submersible pumps on the market. Our range of submersible pumps is stainless steel and designed for durability and strength.

You will find our products being used in various gold mines, diamond mines, copper mines, cobalt and gemstone mines, and many refineries not just in South Africa, but in DRC, Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, South America, Zambia and Zimbabwe. With our extensive procurement network, we are able to acquire top-quality mining equipment and accessories at highly competitive rates. We are open to doing business with both open pit and deep shaft mines, and welcome those who have new requests or who are looking for specific items that we don’t already stock. We are always willing and able to assist our clients with finding the ideal range of products for their needs. In the mining industry, it is imperative that products are of the highest possible quality and this is something that we can guarantee with our range.

If you are shopping around for a range of top-quality and affordable submersible pumps for the mining industry, waste no more time. Get in touch with us at Tribix to discover our extensive range. We welcome you to chat to one of our consultants who will provide you with all of the product specifications that you need to make a decision. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone for more information and advice today.