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Submersible Pumps for the Mining Industry – Find What you Need at Tribix

Submersible pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and mining applications. As suggested by the name, the pump is fully submersed in the liquid that it is tasked with pumping. This allows it to carry out its unique function of pushing liquid, rather than pulling it. Pump cavitation, which is a problem faced by many pump units, is something that operators don’t need to be worried about with a submersible pump. These pumps can be lowered down into deep holes and areas for pumping.

The design of these pumps is vitally important to its function. You will find that these pumps are available in single stage and multiple stages. Each of the stages of a submersible pump is made up of a motor that is enclosed in a casing. Leakage is prevented by the presence of mechanical seals. The pump is powered by a cable that runs to the motor. In addition to this, the casing is also connected to a pipe that is directed to the surface where the pumped liquid is sent.

It is important that the casing of the pump that you buy is hermetically sealed. This is to ensure that absolutely no liquid is able to leak into the casing, which can then cause the motor to short circuit. Repairs to these motors and pumps can be extremely expensive. Some of the pumps on the market offer double mechanical sealing on the casing to ensure that strenuous jobs don’t cause damage to the pump or acquire a leak too easily. While the power cable for the pump can be quite long, some advanced pumps on the market also offer a float switch. This switch detects when the pump is fully submerged and then automatically starts the pump action.

When looking for a range of top-quality submersible pumps for the mining industry, what we have to offer at Tribix is bound to impress. We offer these pumps as part of our dewatering equipment range and also offer various spare parts and accessories for these units. We only stock the finest and most reliable and durable pump products on the market, and if you are looking for a competitive price, you can expect to find it right here. We acquire our products from leading suppliers in the USA, United Arab Emirates, UK, Taiwan, Russia, China and various European Union countries. Where do we supply our products to? You can find our products currently used in various countries across Africa and also South America. Our reputation is positive in each of the countries that we supply and we are known to do whatever we can to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

We encourage all of our clients and potential clients to take the time to discover our range of mining equipment and machinery. To learn more about our submersible pumps and to find the right one for the intended applications at hand, get in touch with us at Tribix. Take the time to contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.