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HDPE Pipe Suppliers Advise on the Top Benefits of HDPE Pipes

What exactly is HDPE used for? Is it a product of high value in our country? High density polyethylene pipe systems are used quite extensively around the world for a variety of reasons. This particular type is the solution for a multitude of potential piping problems and is used within many systems in the municipal, mining, agricultural and marine industries. HDPE piping can be effectively used above ground, buried, floating and even in sub-surface applications. HDPE pipe suppliers typically provide such piping to industries where portable water, slurries, hazardous waste and chemicals need to be carried or transported.

What makes HDPE the pipe of choice in heavy duty environments? It goes without saying that HDPE is a sought-after material when it comes to piping and other high pressure products. Top features of high density polyethylene pipe are as follows:

  • The product is strong, tough and durable, which translates to fewer repairs per metre of pipe than any other high pressure pipe on the market.
  • Resistant to damage by chemicals.
  • Hassle-free installation due to the flexibility of the pipe.
  • The pipe does not corrode or rust.
  • The joins in pipe pieces are typically heat fused creating an air tight and leak-free pipe.
  • Offers high strain allowance and effectively handles surge events.
  • Offers excellent flow rate characteristics.
  • Its lightweight and flexible design also means that fewer heavy duty equipment items are required for installation, thus saving on installation costs.

At Tribix, we present the mining industry with top-quality HDPE piping. We are leading HDPE pipe suppliers in South Africa and various other countries including DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our services are extended readily to both open cast and deep shaft mines, and we are always enthusiastic about locating and sourcing new products for our clients. Our HDPE range includes pipes, fittings and valves, and each of these items meet with the highest industry standards. We believe that only the finest quality products will do for our clients and so we set out to ensure precisely that.  

When shopping around for affordable and reliable HDPE pipe suppliers, take the time to consider our range at Tribix. We welcome all those who require top-quality and durable piping solutions to explore our range and discover what we have to offer. We also encourage you to contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements at a time that is convenient to you.